Choosing to Live

Chapter 41 JOY

This chapter of my Life will be Spectacular.  I will laugh and sing with so much Joy.  I will embrace the New and the Old in my Life with such gratitude and love for all the beautiful blessings in and around my life.  My Joy will be contagious and bring healing and hope to many. … Continue reading Chapter 41 JOY

Choosing to Live

Rich Life

If we truly See Moments as Treasure in Life, we will truly embrace every moment, knowing that those moments are what MAKES our LIVES so very RICH. Quote by me Charmaine Moore Embrace the Moment.  Take and make TIME for Yourself and TIME to Embrace moments with your Loved Ones.  EnJOY your RICH Life!! My… Continue reading Rich Life

Choosing to Love

Receive Love

Receive what you need.  Receive the Love that you deserve.  Receive the Beauty and Grace that Love has for you.  Receive Love. Love is not forced.  Love is not pain.  Love heals and creates something so beautiful from your pain, so receive Love. Now take a deep breath and allow Love to fill every part… Continue reading Receive Love

Choosing to Love

Seen through the Eyes of Love

Over the past couple of years there has been a movement encouraging Self-Love.  But what is Self-Love truly and how do we display love to ourselves?The way that I would help you to understand self-love is to first help you to see yourself through pure eyes of Love.  Those same eyes that a mother would… Continue reading Seen through the Eyes of Love

Choosing to Live

Center Yourself

Center Yourself and Trust and Believe that EVERYTHING has already worked out for you.  Yes, you can and will get through this. If there’s a lot of changes and things happening in your life right now you are probably feeling some anxiety and stress.  I understand, I want you to know that you "You Got… Continue reading Center Yourself

Choosing to Thrive

All is well

"All is well.”  Those three little powerful words encourages me to my core and uplifts my spirit every time that I hear those words. All is well means to me that EVERYTHING has ALREADY worked out in my life and for my good.  I am reassured “All is well.” All is well with my family,… Continue reading All is well

Choosing to Live

Life Reminders

Whenever I’m grieving the lost of a loved one, I am reminded to Love Bigger, to Be Present, to SHINE my Light all the more and to Just Breathe. So, today I’m reminding myself to: Love Bigger with the Love that I give to myself, to my loved ones and to everyone who crosses my… Continue reading Life Reminders

Choosing to Live

Embracing Winter

WINTER IS COMING!!!!! Embracing Winter starts first by Changing the Narrative of your story for this winter and Holiday Season.  Take the pressure off yourself and Simply EnJOY Life. What Narratives have you lived for so many years that has stolen your peace and joy? What Narratives are you living right now for this Holiday… Continue reading Embracing Winter

Choosing to Love

Write or Rewrite Your Story

Where do I start?  I will start with the PG version, Marriage is truly what you and your spouse make it and you can Write or Rewrite your Marriage Story. Our story didn’t start out so great.  Actually after our beautiful wedding our marriage turned into an nightmare.  Then over the years we have learned… Continue reading Write or Rewrite Your Story

Choosing to Live


Take the pressure off yourself of worrying about tomorrow. Just Live for Today. You don’t have to be afraid if there will be enough for you tomorrow because you’re Living for Today and Today you embrace your Abundance. Your Abundance is Enough and You have everything that you need. So, Live for Today. Lastly, EnJOY… Continue reading LIVE FOR TODAY