Choosing to Love


See Yourself as the Woman that You always wanted to Be. ┬áSee HER. See Her STRENGTH. See Her BEAUTY. See Her CONFIDENCE. See HER VALUE. See Her WORTH. See Her GREATNESS. See Her GLORY. See Her AUTHENTICITY. See Her....... See Her WISDOM. See Her LOVE. See Her GRACE. See Her JOY. See Her WEALTH. See… Continue reading See HER

Choosing to Thrive

I Am Puzzle Giveaway

The last time I put a Puzzle together I was about ten or twelve years old. Putting Puzzles together requires patience, lots of patience. So Today, I decided to put my Beautiful 60 Piece I Am Puzzle together that I got through Shutterfly. A Fun Fact about putting Puzzles together helps you to exercise both… Continue reading I Am Puzzle Giveaway

Choosing to Thrive

Baby Steps

I have watched all six of my children when it was time for them to start walking and some of them skipped crawling and went straight to walking. Some of them went from crawling to straight running. I was so Amazed with my children progress with walking, I have learned such a great Life Lesson… Continue reading Baby Steps