Choosing to Thrive

Celebrating 6 Years

Face of Hope and Beauty is Celebrating 6 Years of Lifestyle Coaching!! Happy 6 Year Business Anniversary!! Lives Touched through In-Person Group Coaching Events in 2021, over 100 Women lives touched and empowered. Lives Touched through Philanthropy Work, giving over $2,500 to 10 different People to let them know that “I Believe in You.” Over… Continue reading Celebrating 6 Years

Choosing to Thrive

Celebrating 4 Years

This month my business Face of Hope and Beauty Celebrated our 4th Year Business Anniversary on January 25th!! Woohoo!!  WOW, 4 years has went by so fast. I have learned and grown so much. Here are Four Keys that have helped the Success of Face of Hope and Beauty over the years. 1.  ALIGN not… Continue reading Celebrating 4 Years

Choosing to Live


Have you ever been in a moment and you were not there? You could see everyone around you embracing that moment and you were somewhere else in your mind. I had one of those moments a couple of days ago right before I was leaving to go to my Karaoke Birthday Party. I was at… Continue reading Moments