About Charmaine Moore

Hello Beautiful People,

I would like to share who I Am with you.IMG_7496

I am a cheerleader and I am my biggest Cheerleader. I am a Positive person, a very Optimistic person and it is my heart to believe and hope for the best.  I am fit and fabulous and I LOVE to Dance.  I am a Dreamer and I Dream BIG Dreams.

I am Innovative, a Go-Getter and I make things happen. I am a giver and I love to give Gifts. I am a Woman of God and God is with me wherever I Go. I am a Winner for I CHOOSE to Live a Victorious Life.  I am a Champion and I have overcome Sexual Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Physical Abuse, Depression and Suicidal Thoughts.


I am an Amazing Wife of Eighteen years of marriage and counting.


I am a Victorious Mom to six beautiful children who I birthed and dearly love.  I am a Wise Woman who BUILDS her house.  I’m building my Life, Marriage, Family, Friendships and Business.  I am a Blessed daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, aunt, cousin, friend, supermodel and entrepreneur.  I am Brave, Bold, Brilliant and Beautiful.  I am a Writer and I love to write.

IMG_8021I am a Loving person and I was made for Love.  I am Creative and I can make anything that I put my mind to. I am Funny, Fun and Fashionable. I am an encourager and I love to Encourage, Empower and Celebrate people.

I am the Founder and Owner of Face of Hope and Beauty.  I am a Face of Hope and Beauty Inspirational Life Speaker, Self-Care Life Coach, Model and Writer. I Host Empowering, Dynamic and Life Changing Workshops and Events to Inspire Hope, Love, Life, Light, Joy, Peace, Power, Healing, Fun, and Freedom to all.

I am Mrs. Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope & Beauty

13 thoughts on “About Charmaine Moore”

  1. Thanks for pressing forward and introducing yourself to me at the Get Motivated event. May God bring you many lovely surprises this year, that help your children, family and you understand his Glory and Love in your life. God Bless You. Sima

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  2. Sheer Bliss was an adventure of the heart. A happy marriage takes work and commitment but it is also a gift from God to be truly blessed to share life’s journey with someone who is a partner through thick and thin. Life isn’t always easy and congratulations on going strong all these years !!!

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing your story! It is truly inspiring. I remember meeting you at one of my pre natal visits. God revealed to me then that you were someone I should get to know! (We have a lot in common) Please keep pressing and overcoming for all the people whose lives will be changed because of your testimony! God bless you and I will keep in touch!

    – Felicia

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  4. Thanks for the share. You have been through a lot but have came out on top. Keep pushing forward and living your life that you so deserve. Keep inspiring people and giving them hope that they to can overcome trials and tribulations. God got you keep being great girl!

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