Choosing to Love

Receive Love

Receive what you need.  Receive the Love that you deserve.  Receive the Beauty and Grace that Love has for you.  Receive Love. Love is not forced.  Love is not pain.  Love heals and creates something so beautiful from your pain, so receive Love. Now take a deep breath and allow Love to fill every part… Continue reading Receive Love

Choosing to Love

Seen through the Eyes of Love

Over the past couple of years there has been a movement encouraging Self-Love.  But what is Self-Love truly and how do we display love to ourselves?The way that I would help you to understand self-love is to first help you to see yourself through pure eyes of Love.  Those same eyes that a mother would… Continue reading Seen through the Eyes of Love

Choosing to Love

Grace over Guilt

Grace over Guilt has been the message for me this week and I believe this message is for You as well.  We are not perfect.  It’s so important for us to choose to show ourselves some grace because if we don’t guilt is going to kick our a** and make us feel like sh*t. I… Continue reading Grace over Guilt

Choosing to Love

“She Believed”

“She Believed" Poem I knew that I believed in myself, when I stopped letting others define me and I decided to define myself and accept who I Am. I knew that I believed in myself, when I started celebrating my beautiful and radiant Light and allowing myself to SHINE as Bright as I can both… Continue reading “She Believed”

Choosing to Live

Life Reminders

Whenever I’m grieving the lost of a loved one, I am reminded to Love Bigger, to Be Present, to SHINE my Light all the more and to Just Breathe. So, today I’m reminding myself to: Love Bigger with the Love that I give to myself, to my loved ones and to everyone who crosses my… Continue reading Life Reminders

Choosing to Love

Please Pause this Moment

Can we just pause this moment and take it in?  Can we See all the beauty that this moment has to offer?  Can we Feel all the joy that this moment has brought?  I See.  I Feel.  I’m Grateful. THANK YOU. Thank You to my Beautiful Family and Friends for sharing those beautiful moments with… Continue reading Please Pause this Moment

Choosing to Live

Embracing Winter

WINTER IS COMING!!!!! Embracing Winter starts first by Changing the Narrative of your story for this winter and Holiday Season.  Take the pressure off yourself and Simply EnJOY Life. What Narratives have you lived for so many years that has stolen your peace and joy? What Narratives are you living right now for this Holiday… Continue reading Embracing Winter

Choosing to Love

Spreading Love and Light

On Sunday, November 7th 2021, I volunteered to help with Fair Haven Rape Crisis Center 4th Annual Fairy Tale Under the Sea Ball.   This was my first time volunteering for this event and I am so very grateful to have been apart of this wonderful event. During the event I helped to oversee the Fairy… Continue reading Spreading Love and Light

Choosing to Thrive

Mindful Gratitude Challenge

Pick 3 things or areas of your life that you have taken for granted, then for the next 30 Days send Love and Gratitude to those areas or things. Maybe you have taken for granted, your home, your car, a relationship, a friendship, a family member, yourself, your job, your spouse or anyone or anything,… Continue reading Mindful Gratitude Challenge

Choosing to Love

Write or Rewrite Your Story

Where do I start?  I will start with the PG version, Marriage is truly what you and your spouse make it and you can Write or Rewrite your Marriage Story. Our story didn’t start out so great.  Actually after our beautiful wedding our marriage turned into an nightmare.  Then over the years we have learned… Continue reading Write or Rewrite Your Story