Our Heart

Face of Hope and Beauty’s Heart, Passion and Mission is to Inspire and Empower Women and Teen Girls to Choose to Love, Choose to Live and Choose to Thrive in Life.

Through our Lifestyle Group Coaching, Fabulous Events and Life Speaking Resources we can help you unlock the things that have been holding you back from truly Loving yourself and enjoying the Peaceful Life that you desire to live. Then we will give you the Life tools that are necessary to help you to Build a stronger, healthier and a more positive foundation for your life, that will propel you to Thrive.

No More feeling Stuck, Powerless, Broken, Hopeless or Ashamed. It’s TIME for You to take Your POWER back.

We are here to Celebrate You, Cheer You on and give you the Wisdom and Love that you need and deserve. Yes, LOVE because we have an Open Heart and Love for You.