Our Story

It was May of 2014 and right before Mother’s Day and Charmaine Moore was going to commit Suicide. During that time Charmaine felt that her husband and six beautiful children’s lives would be better off if she was no longer here.

Having been sexually, verbally, emotionally and physically abused as a young child and early teen, Charmaine felt very numb, confused, unworthy, unloved, hurt, abandon and ashamed for years. From the trauma Charmaine endured, she had unknowingly built her entire foundation and self-worth on a bunch of lies that almost ended her life. Lies that she was no good, that she can’t do anything right, that she’s not enough, that she’s ugly and the biggest lie that she doesn’t matter and that she should take her own life.

Believing all those lies caused Charmaine to have a breakdown in 2014 because she could no longer function as a person under all those lies. Charmaine hated herself and went into a very deep depression. She felt like everything about her and all around her was crumbling down.

With absolutely no hope in her heart, Charmaine was given hope on that very dark day by her husband telling her that she was the Face of Hope to many.

Later, that day Charmaine went and looked at her face in her bathroom mirror and spoke out of her mouth that she was the face of hope. With tears in her eyes, Charmaine heard God speak to her heart and say that she wasn’t just the Face of Hope, she was the Face of Hope and Beauty. So, Charmaine spoke out of her mouth that she was the Face of Hope and Beauty.

Those words gave Charmaine so much HOPE. Charmaine then made a POWERFUL choice, to Choose to Love herself and live.  Her life changing experience and choice to Love herself, gave Charmaine a new and positive foundation to build her life upon and thrive.  With positive self-Love affirmations and new beliefs that she’s Brilliant, Wise, Loved, Beautiful, that she Matters in this world and so much more. Charmaine is now known as the Face of Hope and Beauty and she’s a beacon of light and hope to many.

Face of Hope and Beauty organization was birthed out of Charmaine’s Greatest Victory to choose to Love herself and truly Live. That is why Charmaine, and her team is on a mission to Inspire and Empower Women and Teen Girls unto LOVE, to LIVE their Best Lives and be the Face of Hope and Beauty, through Charmaine’s Lifestyle Group Coaching, FOHAB Models, Fabulous Events and Life Speaking Resources.