Choosing to Thrive


You made it!!  I Celebrate YOU!! If you’re reading this, you made it to this New Fabulous 2023 Year. THANK YOU for Being You!!  Everything that 2022 taught you will not be in vain.  You are going to take that GROWTH, Wisdom, Blessings and Lessons that 2022 taught YOU and Propel Yourself into this New… Continue reading YOU MADE IT

Choosing to Thrive

Choose Your Joy

Hello, I just wanted to Speak Life over You this New 2022 Year and say that “I Believe in You.” Your Life has Ultimate Significance. Who you are Matters.  What you do Matters. “I Believe in You!!”  Choose Your JOY this year and don’t settle for what you don’t want.  Believe in Yourself. Happy… Continue reading Choose Your Joy

Choosing to Live

Going UP

Going UP Anyone?  It’s so much harder to Go Up in Life than down.  As my daughter and I ran up and down these stairs their was a lady that was cheering us on and told us that we made it looked so easy.  I then said to that lady that it’s was easier going… Continue reading Going UP