Choosing to Thrive

It’s Women’s History Month

It’s Women’s History Month.  I Am Surrounded by Successful WOMEN. I Am Surrounded by POWERFUL WOMEN. I Am Surrounded by BRAVE WOMEN. I Am Surrounded by KIND WOMEN. I Am Surrounded by WISE WOMEN. I Am Surrounded by GORGEOUS WOMEN. I Am Surrounded by LOVING WOMEN. I Am Surrounded by SEXY WOMEN. I Am Surrounded… Continue reading It’s Women’s History Month

Choosing to Live

5 Encouraging Words that You Need to Hear Right Now 1.  You are doing a Great Job.  2.  You have the Right to Change Your Mind. 3.  Listen to Your Gut.  Your Gut is your beautiful and POWERFUL intuition. 4.  Please Stop Judging Yourself. 5.  You MATTER, so keep on Shining Bright  because this world needs your Beautiful Light. Bonus:THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!!… Continue reading 5 Encouraging Words that You Need to Hear Right Now

Choosing to Thrive

Bloom Where You Are Planted

If you are facing a tough situation or some life challenges right now or you wish that you were further along on your journey, please KNOW that You are STRONGER than your think, You Will get through it and You are Right where you need to be to BLOOM. So please be patient with yourself,… Continue reading Bloom Where You Are Planted

Choosing to Love

Be Good to Yourself

With this month being Women’s History Month, Ladies I just want to encourage you to “Be Good to Yourself.” • Take and Make Time for You.• Give Your Body REST.• DREAM BIG.• Choose your JOY and Happiness.• See and KNOW your Worth.• Create and Keep your Boundaries.• Protect Your Peace and Energy.• Treat Yourself like… Continue reading Be Good to Yourself

Choosing to Live

You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful!! Yes, You!!  How many times do we hear that we are Beautiful as Women?  How many times do we actually believe it?  You see our Beauty is not just on the outside of Us but our Beauty SHINES so very Bright from within Us. When I did this photo shoot my face… Continue reading You Are Beautiful