Choosing to Live

5 Encouraging Words that You Need to Hear Right Now 1.  You are doing a Great Job.  2.  You have the Right to Change Your Mind. 3.  Listen to Your Gut.  Your Gut is your beautiful and POWERFUL intuition. 4.  Please Stop Judging Yourself. 5.  You MATTER, so keep on Shining Bright  because this world needs your Beautiful Light. Bonus:THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!!… Continue reading 5 Encouraging Words that You Need to Hear Right Now

Choosing to Live

You Are Enough

Who You Are Is Enough.  You have always been Enough.  The times that you did not feel like you were Enough was because you were trying to fit into a box of people expectations of you or what you thought people expected from you.   You Are Enough. Then there’s the times that you did… Continue reading You Are Enough

Choosing to Love


Five years ago, I lived my life hating who I was and feeling like I did not matter in this World, to the point that I was going to end my life.  As you are reading my words you know that I am alive and well.  To say that I have come a long way… Continue reading YOU MATTER