Choosing to Love


Five years ago, I lived my life hating who I was and feeling like I did not matter in this World, to the point that I was going to end my life.  As you are reading my words you know that I am alive and well.  To say that I have come a long way would be an understatement.  I have been through hell and back.  I have learned to build my Life with Truth, Self-Love and with the POWER of knowing that I Matter.

To anyone who might be where I was five years ago or you just don’t feel like you matter, I want you to know that You Matter and that You Are Enough.  Don’t compare your progress or growth to anyone.  Please be patient with Yourself and Build your Life with LOVE.  Self-Love is Key and what truly saved my Life.  Remember Self-Love is a Journey.

You are the Beautiful Piece to this Puzzle called Life, without You there would be one Giant hole in this World, because YOU MATTER!!!!!❤️DD42B9DE-2A17-4E7D-8390-C12F9318A76A
I Love You❤️❤️❤️
❤️ Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty

Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

P.S  If you need someone to talk to or are having suicidal thoughts the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is here to help you and is Open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, just call 1.800.273.8255.


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6 thoughts on “YOU MATTER”

  1. As usual, right on time! So often feels of inadequacy plague our minds because of social media, TV, etc. This came at my crucial time of self doubt. Thanks for reminding me that I am enough!

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  2. I am so grateful to all you have done for me and all that you are to each & everyone of us who were blessed enough to meet you and meet at your seminars. You are a beautiful lady! Thanks for making me feel better about myself😇

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  3. This is really transparency, with truth thank you for sharing, as we are mothers, wives, aunts, sisters, and very beautiful women who should share to always help someone. Thank you!

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