Choosing to Thrive

Celebrating 6 Years

Face of Hope and Beauty is Celebrating 6 Years of Lifestyle Coaching!! Happy 6 Year Business Anniversary!! Lives Touched through In-Person Group Coaching Events in 2021, over 100 Women lives touched and empowered. Lives Touched through Philanthropy Work, giving over $2,500 to 10 different People to let them know that “I Believe in You.” Over… Continue reading Celebrating 6 Years

Choosing to Live

Hope and Beauty

I am still in awe that I was featured in this Phenomenal and Fabulous magazine Woman to Woman NWI.  I’m so very grateful for this feature.  Thanks again to Woman to Woman NWI Magazine and Storied Elements Photography for this Beautiful opportunity. To SHINE some Light on National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month for September, I’m… Continue reading Hope and Beauty

Choosing to Thrive

Move with Love

Move with Love.  Move with Love in this new season that you’re going into and not fear.  I know that there’s a lot of Life Transitions happening right now for all of us.  School has started back or is starting back for some of us, or you may have started a new job or you… Continue reading Move with Love

Choosing to Love

Into My Heart

When I was a little girl I had always desired friendship and I had many friends. My heart was open and pure as friendship was birth in me. Then when I became a teenager having friends became a little complicated.  I had one very close dear best friend and we were inseparable for years.  When… Continue reading Into My Heart