Choosing to Love

“She Believed”

“She Believed" Poem I knew that I believed in myself, when I stopped letting others define me and I decided to define myself and accept who I Am. I knew that I believed in myself, when I started celebrating my beautiful and radiant Light and allowing myself to SHINE as Bright as I can both… Continue reading “She Believed”

Choosing to Thrive

Choose Your Joy

Hello, I just wanted to Speak Life over You this New 2022 Year and say that “I Believe in You.” Your Life has Ultimate Significance. Who you are Matters.  What you do Matters. “I Believe in You!!”  Choose Your JOY this year and don’t settle for what you don’t want.  Believe in Yourself. Happy… Continue reading Choose Your Joy

Choosing to Live

“I Knew You Were Somebody”

When do you become somebody? Is it when everyone knows your name and you're on TV? Is it when you have celebrities as friends? Is it when everyone likes you and you get over a million followers and likes? Is it when you're making over six figures or you just made your first million dollars,… Continue reading “I Knew You Were Somebody”