Choosing to Thrive


You made it!!  I Celebrate YOU!!

If you’re reading this, you made it to this New Fabulous 2023 Year. THANK YOU for Being You!!  Everything that 2022 taught you will not be in vain.  You are going to take that GROWTH, Wisdom, Blessings and Lessons that 2022 taught YOU and Propel Yourself into this New 2023 Year.

It’s Time for You to Do things Differently and Level Up Your Life.  The way that you used to do things will NOT serve you at the Capacity that You Need in this NEW Season and NEW Chapter of Your Life. 

Embrace the NEW!!

Set New Boundaries

Give Yourself New Vitality

Embrace New Opportunities

Receive New Blessings

Be Open to New Beginnings

Create Your New Year

Affirmation for Embracing the New:
I’m Embracing the New and Leveling Up my Life!!  I choose to Stand in my Peace and Power by doing the things that are necessary to KEEP my Peace.

Happy New 2023 Year!!

Love Charmaine Moore

Face of Hope and Beauty

Lifestyle Coach | Writer | Life Speaker

Copyright © 2023 Face of Hope and Beauty

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