Choosing to Live

Going UP

Going UP Anyone?  It’s so much harder to Go Up in Life than down.  As my daughter and I ran up and down these stairs their was a lady that was cheering us on and told us that we made it looked so easy.  I then said to that lady that it’s was easier going down but so much harder Going Up.


Why? Because Going UP in Life requires more discipline, focus and strength.  I’m going to be honest it scared me every time that I had to run Up those stairs.  What’s crazy is why would I fear my Success of going Up in Life.

As We Go into this New Phenomenal 2020 Year let’s give Ourselves Permission to Go UP in Life and be the Absolute Best Versions of Ourselves, while eradicating the fears that have stopped us in 2019.  We Got this and We Can Do It!!

Here’s to a New 2020 Year of much Success, Opportunities, Peace, Laser Focus, JOY, Healing, Health, Wealth and an Abundance of LOVE.

With Love and Light✨

❤️ Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty

Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker
Copyright 2019


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