Choosing to Live



Have you ever been in a moment and you were not there? You could see everyone around you embracing that moment and you were somewhere else in your mind.

I had one of those moments a couple of days ago right before I was leaving to go to my Karaoke Birthday Party. I was at home getting ready for my party and I had everything planned out so that I would arrive early to my party. Then in the middle of me getting ready I ended up taking an extra 30 minutes trying to cover up a bruise that I had gotten on my forehead, when I accidentally hit my head on the corner of my cabinet the day before. Talk about painful!!!

With the extra 30 minutes that I took, I was now rushing to finish getting ready, so that I would not be late to my party. When I was finally finished getting ready I was looking 21 and oh so Fabulous (35 is the New 21)!!! It was now time for my extra special moment that I had been looking forward to all day and that was my children singing Happy Birthday to me. My first thought was to have them all sing to me later when I come back from my party. Then I thought I did not want my children to have to wait so long to get to eat my cookie Birthday Cake.

So I told my husband and children that I was ready for them to sing to me. I wasn’t really ready because my mind was on me getting to my party on time, that I did not even put candles on my cookie cake. I can honestly say that I wasn’t even in that moment. My extra special moment that I was so looking forward to on my Birthday was now gone. I felt cheated and I wanted a redo of that moment because I wasn’t there.

I truly believe that I am not the only person that has felt cheated for not embracing the moment. I can’t change what happened before my party, but I can choose to embrace every beautiful moment going forward in Life and also choose to create New beautiful moments as well. So once I arrived at my party, I made sure that I embraced every moment. Because moments are the beautiful Treasure that we get from embracing Life.

If we choose to See moments as Treasure in Life, we will truly embrace every moment, knowing that those moments are what makes our lives so very Rich.img_6146

My Life is so very Rich!!! I would like now to take a moment and thank all of my beautiful Family and Friends for coming out to Celebrate my 35th Birthday with me. I Love you all and I thank God for you all!! Celebrating my 35th Birthday was truly Amazing and Epic!! I thank God for giving me another year of Life and Life abundantly.

For Karaoke I sung one of my favorite songs titled Free by Dara Maclean.img_6159

I’m FREE to LIVE my Life to the Fullest, embracing every Beautiful Moment.
❤️ Charmaine Moore Face of Hope & Beauty

Copyright 2017

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