Choosing to Thrive

Celebrating 6 Years

Face of Hope and Beauty is Celebrating 6 Years of Lifestyle Coaching!! Happy 6 Year Business Anniversary!!

Lives Touched through In-Person Group Coaching Events in 2021, over 100 Women lives touched and empowered.

Lives Touched through Philanthropy Work, giving over $2,500 to 10 different People to let them know that “I Believe in You.”

Over 300 Lives Touched with an Inspirational Picture Magnet Gift in 2021. All the Lives Touched and Empowered through Face of Hope and Beauty Business platforms, over the past 6 Years.


Thank You all for your Support and for being apart of this Community!! 

With Sincere Gratitude,

❤️ Charmaine Moore

Face of Hope and Beauty

Lifestyle Coach, Model, Life Speaker

Copyright © 2022 Face of Hope and Beauty

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