Choosing to Live

Rich Life

If we truly See Moments as Treasure in Life, we will truly embrace every moment, knowing that those moments are what MAKES our LIVES so very RICH. Quote by me Charmaine Moore Embrace the Moment.  Take and make TIME for Yourself and TIME to Embrace moments with your Loved Ones.  EnJOY your RICH Life!! My… Continue reading Rich Life

Choosing to Love

Please Pause this Moment

Can we just pause this moment and take it in?  Can we See all the beauty that this moment has to offer?  Can we Feel all the joy that this moment has brought?  I See.  I Feel.  I’m Grateful. THANK YOU. Thank You to my Beautiful Family and Friends for sharing those beautiful moments with… Continue reading Please Pause this Moment

Choosing to Live


Have you ever been in a moment and you were not there? You could see everyone around you embracing that moment and you were somewhere else in your mind. I had one of those moments a couple of days ago right before I was leaving to go to my Karaoke Birthday Party. I was at… Continue reading Moments