Choosing to Love

Into My Heart

B0C62A6D-B836-4405-B629-41840CFFFF49When I was a little girl I had always desired friendship and I had many friends. My heart was open and pure as friendship was birth in me.

Then when I became a teenager having friends became a little complicated.  I had one very close dear best friend and we were inseparable for years.  When you saw her you saw me.  We were Soul Sisters.  The Dynamic Duo.  But then as life would have it boys came into our world and our beautiful friendship faded away.

Then I got married and I had a couple of kids and I desired friendship again.  I wasn’t sure if I should let these new women into my heart but I did.  I let them all the way in and at the time it was very rewarding but that too faded away and I was so hurt.

I’m now in my thirties and I’m desiring true and real friendship again so I push passed my fears of being hurt (so I thought ) and I open my heart to friendship.  As time went by I found myself again hurt serval times by friendships, that I wanted to completely close off my heart to friendship. But I couldn’t close off my heart to friendship.

I decided to keep the door 🚪 to friendship open but on my terms.  These friends can only come on the outside of my heart was the rule that I gave myself.  Then down the road I realized that this rule was so not working for me and that it had been poisoning ☠️ my Life.

That poisonous rule was rooted in fear and makes you keep Everyone at a distance.✋🏽The crazy thing is that I thought I was protecting myself, I did not know that I had blocked my heart from my Soul Sisters.  I also wasn’t aware that I was constantly waiting for my friends to reject me.  Having Negative Beliefs Sucks!!

That Negative Belief of rejection and feeling like I wasn’t Enough was causing me to attract so called friends (Not Soul Sisters) who would eventually fulfill my self-fulfilling prophecy of rejection.

WOW, I can’t believe that I had the answer the whole time to having True Friendships and my Negative Beliefs were blocking me.

I am now allowing my Soul Sisters my Beautiful Friends into my Heart.  Into my Heart is where Love is Given and Love is Received.  My Soul Sisters they get me and love me dearly.  Into My Heart Friendship will always be.

❤️Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty
Lifestyle Coach | Model | Inspirational Life Speaker

Copyright 2020 Face of Hope and Beauty

4 thoughts on “Into My Heart”

  1. In a world with so many ways to connect, a so called “global community” people are longing more and more for soul, heart, and mind bonds. Bonds are not easily broken. A bond can’t fill voids deep in places we can’t even explain. This soul connection is something divine. Thank you for encouraging me to be open to the possibility of other kindred spirits seeking to find me & I them. May we all find our soul village. 🥰

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  2. What a beautiful reflection! I feel that relationships can be complicated but the beauty comes when allow ourselves to be open and truly see what is before us. That knowledge becomes wisdom. Wisdom is earned from our freedom to live life to the fullest. Great article! ❤️

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  3. Thank you for sharing your friendship journey with us. Your experience is very enlightening —sometimes it helps to hear someone else’s story. In this season, taking on more and more career adventures, becoming a grandmother at 45, I’ve prayed for friends to share my highs and lows with—authenticity and the ability to hold all the extra that I can bring. Thank you for sharing from your heart, it is appreciated.

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  4. Charmaine thank you for sharing your story.
    As someone who has known and loved you for years, I know you have so much to give and share with the world. Keep doing Gods will for your life and He will open doors to relationships that no man can shut.

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