Choosing to Thrive

Your Mental Health Matters

Here’s my Top 7 Tips that I do and have done over the Years to Keep my Mental Health at Ultimate Wellness.  My Mental Wellness is Nonnegotiable not just because I have dealt with depression, anxiety or trauma but because I deserve to LIVE WELL!! So do you!!

My Top 7 Mental Wellness Tips
1.  Dance and Workout! Dancing is my therapy and working out refreshes my Soul.

2.  Meditate and Speak Affirmations. Clearing my Mind by mediating along with prayer and speaking Positive Affirmation helps me to Center and Align myself.

3.  See a Therapist or Talk to someone that you trust.  We weren’t meant to hold Sh*t in.  Talking to someone has helped me to Let Go and move forward in my life.

4.  Take Vitamins and Eat Foods that Boost your mood.  Some of the vitamins and foods that I take and eat to boost my mood is Vitamin-D, Magnesium, Iron, mandarins, avocado, Cranberries and Water.

5.  Protect your Peace and Energy. Protecting my Peace and Energy as to “Who” or “What” I allow into My World has helped my mental health greatly.  

6.  Give your Body REST. Resting is Key to our brain function.  I’m not just talking about a good night of rest.  Resting my body by just taking a couple mental breaks throughout my day, I have found that incorporating this type of REST my Mental Health thanks me.

7.  Journal!! Journaling is another form of therapy to me.  Journaling is Powerful, Beautiful and Healing for me.

*** Bonus “Laugh Everyday and Be Good to Yourself.” *** Find something everyday that brings you JOY, Celebrating you’re Victories and doing what’s Best for your Overall Wellbeing.

Please Be Good to You! What do You do for Your Mental Wellness? Please share below.

💛Charmaine Moore

Face of Hope and Beauty

Lifestyle Coach| Model | Life Speaker

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