Choosing to Thrive

See the Good

What defines a Year to be a Great Year for You?

What defined my 2020 Year to be a Great Year for me was the Huge amount of Growth that I had allowed to take place in me.  Out of my growth I was able to See all of the Good in my 2020 Year, Releasing the Past, Getting Unhooked from the Noise and truly truly Embracing What Matters Most.

Did I have some Crazy, Devastating, Challenging and Hard moments in 2020?  Heck Yeah!!  I had some very very deep hurtful and hard moments that happened in the beginning, middle and even towards the end of 2020.  Those moments in my Life were apart of my Epic Growth and freedom that needed to take place in me and that I am grateful for.

Was there Crazy and Horrible things happening outside, in and around my World?  Yes!!  The Pandemic Happened and there is absolutely no denying that.  The world was turned upside down and all of our so called normal lives changed in an instant.  What I can say about change, is that change can be very hard, uncomfortable and not easy but it is apart of Life.  

2020 has taught me to “Trust the Process of Change” and to “Simplify my Life”.  Adapting the mindset of Simplifying my Life has helped me to embrace change all the more.  I’m not saying that I liked ever single change that has happened in my 2020 Year, but I do love the Peace and Growth that has truly taken place and root in me.

So with that, I just want to encourage you as you close out Your 2020 Year and Welcome the New 2021 Year please “See the Good”.

Take your 2020 Vision and See Your Growth and Beauty.  See What Matters Most In Your Life.  See how Blessed You Really Are and Embrace Your Peace while Simplifying Your Life.

THANK YOU so very much for being apart of this Face of Hope and Beauty Journey with me.  God Bless You and Yours always.

With Love and Light,

❤️Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty
Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

Copyright © 2020 Face of Hope and Beauty

3 thoughts on “See the Good”

  1. I absolutely love this article. It embodies all of the things I do daily to keep myself grounded. It all begins with your thoughts, so be good to yourself.

    Thank you ❤️


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