Choosing to Thrive

Baby Steps


I have watched all six of my children when it was time for them to start walking and some of them skipped crawling and went straight to walking. Some of them went from crawling to straight running.

I was so Amazed with my children progress with walking, I have learned such a great Life Lesson from watching them and that is:

“We must be Patient with ourselves and our Progress in Life. We will always REACH our destination, as long as we continue to be consistent with taking STEPS; putting one foot in front of the other.”

I understand that we live in a World where people are not being Patient with themselves and their Progress in Life; where everything is Now Now Now. People want results Now and they don’t want to walk first to get it.  We must not give into the distractions of this World.

Some of us are trying to run and God wants us to walk first. Your time will come to RUN, but get those legs of yours STRONG enough to RUN first.

Don’t compare yourself to the people that went straight to running. You don’t know what they did in Silence to get to where they are Today.

Lastly, Every Step that you choose to ever take in Life will always Prepare you for the Next.  You are doing a Great Job!! Celebrate your journey and Keep moving forward!!! You Can Never Fail Forward.  Remember God is the One who is ELEVATING You to Higher Heights and has so Much in store for You Every STEP of the Way!!  JUST WALK IN IT.
❤️Charmaine Moore Face of Hope & Beauty

Copyright 2016


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