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I Am Puzzle Giveaway

IMG_2558The last time I put a Puzzle together I was about ten or twelve years old. Putting Puzzles together requires patience, lots of patience. So Today, I decided to put my Beautiful 60 Piece I Am Puzzle together that I got through Shutterfly.

A Fun Fact about putting Puzzles together helps you to exercise both parts of your brain the Left side (the logic) and the Right side (the creative). You are harnessing both of your Brain Powers when you are putting puzzles together.

IMG_2561As I was putting this puzzle together I would try to squeeze some pieces together that did not fit because I wanted to quickly be done.  Again Puzzles requires patience.

It’s the same with building our Lives requires us to be patient with ourselves and the building process just like putting this puzzle together. Sometimes we get impatient and try to fit pieces together in our lives that just doesn’t fit or even belong in those places. Then we get frustrated and distracted because we are spending so much TIME trying to fit things or people into our lives that just doesn’t fit.

IMG_2571There were moments when I was putting this puzzle together that I thought to myself, some of my puzzle pieces were missing. Yes, I thought Shutterfly cheated me and did not give me all my puzzle pieces.

The thing about Life is that all of our Puzzle Pieces to Life are all there because God put them ALL there. God did not cheat us. God gave us everything that we Need, Want and Desire.  We in all of our Beautiful Intelligence just need to be Patient, Wise and continue to put the pieces together Piece by Piece trusting God to lead us and guide us.

IMG_2567To Spread Love and Positivity in this World I am Giving one Fabulous Winner their very own Beautiful 60 Piece I Am Puzzle that I personally designed and got from Thank you Shutterfly!! This Puzzle is a $29.99 Value and to enter this Fabulous Giveaway you just Scroll Down and Comment Below stating in one sentence I Am_______ fill in the blank with One Positive word about you.

For example:
I Am Brave.
I Am Beautiful.
I Am Wise.

When we Speak who we are it’s not only POWERFUL but it gives us Life and Hope. That’s why I deigned this Puzzle.  This Giveaway starts tonight November 17, 2017 and will end on December 17, 2017 at 7:00pm CST. One name will be randomly drawn on that day for the Winner!!😃

God bless You!! Thank You and Please SHARE.IMG_2570

❤️ Charmaine Moore Face of Hope & Beauty

Copyright 2017

43 thoughts on “I Am Puzzle Giveaway”

  1. Firstly, I love this article! It’s insightful, inspiring, and kind spirited. I didn’t know you could get personalized puzzles, but this one in particular is adorable! ❤️❤️

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  2. I am confident!

    Love this article Charmaine! It speaks to being whole along the journey. It speaks to knowing that all the pieces don’t always fit the first time we try to find space for them and with patience we find the right place for each piece in our puzzle of life.

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  3. I love this post, Charmaine. I’ve often thought of how puzzles can help with problem solving in life. When the task before me seems enormous, I start with what I know. I learned that approach from puzzles (jigsaw puzzles and crosswords).
    Here’s my I am: I am creative.

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  4. Jayme Walker is the Winner of the I Am Puzzle Giveaway!!!!! Congratulations 🎉
    Thank you to Everyone that entered this Fabulous Giveaway!!! Your Powerful I Am Statement have Empowered me. Thank You all for Sharing and Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!!!😘


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