Choosing to Love

Please Pause this Moment

Can we just pause this moment and take it in?  Can we See all the beauty that this moment has to offer?  Can we Feel all the joy that this moment has brought? 

I See.  I Feel.  I’m Grateful. THANK YOU.

Thank You to my Beautiful Family and Friends for sharing those beautiful moments with me during my Classy and Chic 40th Birthday Party.  Thank You for your Love, Support and your Light that you have shined on my Life. Thank you to Abi V. Photography for capturing these beautiful moments for me. Abi V Photography website is and Instagram page is @abiv.330

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has wished me a Happy Birthday this month and sent some Love my way. Please pause and take in each beautiful moment in your life.  Please see the beauty and feel the joy that each moment has for you. EnJOY.

With Love and Light,

❤️Charmaine Moore

Face of Hope and Beauty

Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

Copyright © 2022 Face of Hope and Beauty

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