Choosing to Live

Choose You

Choose You...................... Choose your Health. Choose your Joy. Choose your Peace. Choose your Light. Choose your Love. Choose your Self Respect. Choose your Well-being. Choose your Hopes. Choose your Dreams. Choose your Beautiful Life and watch your Life Change. Six years ago in May of 2014, I Chose Me.  I chose my Health, my Peace,… Continue reading Choose You

Choosing to Thrive

Nothing Is Impossible

On Saturday May 27th 2017, I hosted my First Formal Celebration Conference for Women titled: I AM THE FACE OF HOPE AND BEAUTY. This event was truly a Dream Come True and I felt as though I had just crossed the finish line and Won a MILLION Dollars. I held this event in the month… Continue reading Nothing Is Impossible

Choosing to Thrive

Rise Above the Noise

At the beginning of this year I told myself something that was so profound and that is: "This Year 2016 I Release Myself to Be Great." After I said those words I was driven to RELEASE all the Greatness that God has placed inside of me. Then the noise came, I should say got louder.… Continue reading Rise Above the Noise