Choosing to Thrive

Rise Above the Noise

At the beginning of this year I told myself something that was so profound and that is:

“This Year 2016 I Release Myself to Be Great.”img_5999

After I said those words I was driven to RELEASE all the Greatness that God has placed inside of me. Then the noise came, I should say got louder. Because the noise has always been there and it only gets LOUDER as we get closer to our Dreams and as we are walking in our destiny.

The noise was shouting loud in my mind: What are People going to think of you? Will you have enough TIME? Will you be accepted for going against the grain of what everyone else is doing? Will you loose some friends for stepping out and Being You? The noise was so very loud and I needed to Rise above it.

I must Rise above the noise of what people are going to think of me. I must Rise above the noise of if people will accept me. I must Rise above the noise of if I will have enough Time. I must Rise above the noise of if people will choose to walk out of my life.

God created all of us for GREATNESS and in order for us to Release ourselves to be Great we must Rise Above the Noise in our lives.

This year I have learned how to choose to Rise above the noise in my Life.  My focus should never be on the noise but always on my plan to Rise above it.

First, I remind myself that God is truly for me and with me.

Second, I thank God for my Life and my Dreams and I then remind myself of my WHY. Why I do what I do!!

Third, I speak out Who I Am. I Speak Life over myself, making sure that my voice is always the louder voice over all the noise.


When we choose to Rise above the noise in our lives, we will no longer waste our precious TIME with battles in our mind. I accomplished a lot this year and I am very grateful for all of my accomplishments.  This year by far has been my family and I BEST Year yet. I’m so very grateful and thankful to God!!  But I do realize that I could have accomplished so much more had I not allowed the noise to distract me at times and steal my precious TIME.

Going into this New Beautiful Year 2017 I will not only continue to Release Myself to Be Great, but now that I’m choosing to RISE above the noise, I will Prosper in every area of my Life!! 2017 will truly be Heaven on Earth for my family and I. My prayer and hope for you is that you will choose to do the same and walk in your Heaven on Earth Year!!

God bless You and Happy Great New YEAR!!
❤️ Charmaine Moore Face of Hope & Beauty

Copyright 2016

2 thoughts on “Rise Above the Noise”

  1. God is speaking. How amazing is it, that I just a play is week called “Voices” talking about this exact same things. I will rise above the noise! Thank you


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