Choosing to Live

“I Knew You Were Somebody”


When do you become somebody?
Is it when everyone knows your name and you’re on TV? Is it when you have celebrities as friends? Is it when everyone likes you and you get over a million followers and likes? Is it when you’re making over six figures or you just made your first million dollars, you have the Big house, nice cars, degree, awards and everything you ever Dreamed of?

When are you Somebody?

While you’re thinking about that, I will tell you a story about a Brilliant lady that I met a couple of years ago at the Lake County Courthouse. I can’t recall her name, so I will call her Betty.

Betty was a cashier clerk at the courthouse. As I approach Betty window to pay off a ticket, Betty looked at me with this big smile on her face and asked me how was I doing.

I told Betty that I doing great and happy that I was paying that ticket off. Betty then asked me who I was. I was puzzled by the question. I then told Betty my name, who I was and part of my story. Betty looked at me again now with an even bigger smile on her face and shouted

“I Knew you were Somebody!!”

I thought, WOW.

Betty said from the moment that I approached her window she just knew that I was Somebody. Betty never seen me on TV, she doesn’t know how much money I make, or car I drive, or who my friends are, all that Betty knew of me was my Light, my Life and part of my Story.

You see Our Light, Our Life and Our Story is what makes us Somebody.  Everyone has a Light, Everyone has Life and Everyone has a Story.

We must Stop Looking, Chasing and Waiting for people and things to make us feel like we’re Somebody because the truth is We are ALL Somebody and We will Always be Somebody!!  Like Betty said to me I say to you

“I Knew You Were Somebody!!”

The moment You realize that you were always Somebody your Life will never be the same.

Say out loud with me today “I Am Somebody”

Please Share this Lovely article with Somebody today. Thank You!!

❤️ Charmaine Moore Face of Hope & Beauty


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