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Protect Your Energy Part 2

Each day we are given a certain amount of Time and Energy and how we spend our Time and Energy is so very important to our overall health, vitality and wellbeing. We have Mental Energy and Physical Energy. Whatever we choose to give our energy over to will truly affect our lives by adding to us or subtracting from us. We must be mindful of where we put our energy and who we invite into our world.

For Example: If there’s a day that my energy is low, I’m going to conserve my energy with the activities that I do and the people that I allow into my world. Being a wife, a mom and a business owner this can be tricky. What helped me to protect and conserve my energy is realizing these simple truths, that my energy is valuable, my energy will not be the same every single day and my energy is not for everyone. Therefore, I must protect my energy. Once you understand and lean into these truths you will value protecting your energy and show yourself some love on days when your energy is low.

So, I know you’re probably wondering how you go about protecting your energy in your everyday life. You set boundaries and you listen to your intuition. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t taught growing up how to set boundaries or even how to listen to my intuition. It’s doesn’t matter what age you are you can learn to set boundaries and listen to your intuition. It takes lots of practice and being patient with yourself.

Here are 8 ways to protect and conserve your energy. I believe as you implement these tips you will create some healthy boundaries for yourself and learn to listen to your intuition more.

8 Ways to Protect and Conserve Your Energy

“Listen” It’s so important for you to listen to your gut, your beautiful intuition. When you’re listening to your intuition you will discover that certain seasons of your life you will do more with your energy and certain seasons you will do less with your energy.

“Make” Make and take time and energy for yourself. This is very key to helping you to protect your energy. Set goals for yourself, self-care days and make it a daily priority to do check-ins with yourself to see how your energy is for that day. I love to do check-ins first thing in the morning because it helps me to plan my day accordingly. I also like to do check-ins in the afternoon as well because my energy might be higher or lower and knowing my energy level can help me to make the necessary shifts in my day.

“Say No” You can say no to people. I remember when saying no was hard for me to do. I felt like I had to explain myself to people. We don’t have to explain ourselves to people. Recently, I was asked to be a part of a project and I felt strong in my intuition to just say no thanks but when I checked my schedule everything looked great. So, I said yes to the project. A couple of days had passed, and I kept feeling like I should have just said no. So, I decided to listen to my intuition and say no I would not be able to do the project. A month later, I had some issues come up and I was so glad that I had the time and energy to face off with what I had to deal with because I had previously said no to that project.  Sometimes when we say no, we may not even know why we are saying no, we just need to listen to our intuition.

“Text” Text people instead of talking on the phone at times.  This will help you to conserve your energy.  I know texting can get a bad rap because it can be impersonal, but texting is direct, and you can keep moving throughout your day.  A side note if you have something deep and serious to share in a text message, please keep in mind that text messages can be taken out of context, making you use more energy than you want to, so keep it brief.  

“Stop” Stop entertaining and giving your energy to people that you don’t want to grow in your life.  This can be a toxic relationship or a friendship that is just time for you to let go.  I know this can be hard to do.  Believe me I understand, I also understand that when we let go of what doesn’t serve us, we open ourselves up to welcome in New Opportunities, New Friendships and New Relationships into our lives.  Put your time and energy into the healthy relationships that you want to grow in your life.

“Limit” Limit the amount of time and energy that you spend on social media, watching TV and talking on the phone, especially on days when your energy is low.  WARNING on days when your energy is low social media is not a good place for you or anyone.

“Block” Yes, Block!!  We live in a world where everyone seems to have access to us at any time and all at once.  It is okay to block people who are toxic and it’s okay to block people who are not toxic for a short while when you need to conserve your energy.     

“Turn Off” If you can turn off your cell phone for a couple of hours each day, do it.  I also like to pick a day on the weekend and turn my cell phone off for the entire day.  It feels AMAZING!

I will leave you with this note, when you protect your energy, you are protecting your peace.  Your Peace Matters because You Matter.

With Love and Light,

P.S I had the honor to have my “Protect Your Energy” article first Published in the Woman to Woman, NWI Magazine July 2022 Issue. I tried to share the Facebook page link for you to view the article but for some reason I cannot attach the link. So, please feel free to check out my Protect Your Energy article by going to Woman to Woman, NWI Facebook page for a Bonus Tip that’s on page 18 of the July Issue. Enjoy!!

Love Charmaine Moore

Face of Hope and Beauty

Lifestyle Coach, Model, Life Speaker

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