Choosing to Love

In a Upside Down World

In a Upside Down World Says:  Put everyone else needs first and give yourself the leftovers or nothing at all.  

Self-Care Says: I am the # 1 Person in my Life.  I GIVE myself TIME First to care for my Mind, Body and Spirit.  Therefore because I care for myself I am able to give Sufficient and Quality Time to care for my Marriage or Relationship, Family, Friendships, Business or Job and making this world a better place. 

In a Upside Down World Says: You don’t have the time or energy to give yourself Self-Care. You can’t afford to do Self-Care treatments or a Getaway.

Self-Care Says: I plan for my Self-Care treatments and Routine.  If I want a mani or pedi I will put money and time aside for pampering.  If I want a mini Vaca Getaway, I will plan for that.  My needs and wants are important and I make TIME for all of my Self-Care Needs and Desires.

In a Upside Down World, I a Mom of six took a 24 hours mini Self-Care Getaway for myself last weekend.  It was truly Refreshing to my Mind, Body and Spirit.  I stayed at the Springhill Suites by Marriott in Munster Indiana.  Absolutely Beautiful Hotel, Excellent Service, Super Super Clean and Superb Comfy!!!  

I highly recommend this Hotel. It was so very Peaceful and made me feel like I was staying at a 5 Star Resort somewhere far away.

I absolutely loved the view from my room. Ask for a room with a view of Centennial Park and a room that has a bathtub to do some Bath bombs and Face Mask Spa Treatments.

I truly Enjoyed my Spa treatments by Que Bella and Da Bomb Fizzers.

The next day of my stay, I got up in the morning and worked out in the hotel private gym area. The gym was also super clean and after the concierge let me into the gym, I had the whole gym all to myself.

After my workout I ate breakfast in the hotels dining area. Springhill Suites offers complimentary hot breakfast for free with your hotel stay.

When it was time for me to check out of my room, I did not want leave and I wished that I would have booked a 48 hours Getaway.

Day 1 of my Getaway and Day 2 of my Getaway

With today being the last day in Self-Care September, I just want to encourage you to give yourself what you need to properly rejuvenate your Mind, Body and Spirit. You don’t necessary have to do an Mini Getaway to feel refreshed. For instance for the months of October and November I’m giving myself a full Social Media Break. Giving yourself a Social Media Break Detox would truly uplift your Spirit and refresh your Mind. I would like to ask you to join me in doing a Social Media Break Detox for the Months of October and November by staying off of social media for those months and showing your mind, body and spirit some LOVE.

❤️Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty
Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

****All photos in this article was taken with my I-Phone. All my pictures in this article and on this website are all copyrighted and can not be used without my permission.****

Copyright © 2020 Face of Hope and Beauty 

2 thoughts on “In a Upside Down World”

  1. This article is both awesome and empowering fueled with so much inspiration! Thank you Charmaine for being that light for all to see and be positively motivated!


  2. This is absolutely amazing! I would love to do this for myself! Charmaine this is special and rewarding. Thank you for sharing. Your always an inspiration. Your light is definitely shining


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