Choosing to Thrive

Bitten by Guilt

For the pass couple of weeks I have felt very heavy with guilt. The type of guilt that I felt did not come from a place of remorse for a wrong doing. This guilt came from a place of fear and the expectations that I had placed upon myself. The guilt started off very little with feeling guilty for taking my time in the grocery store. Then I started to feel guilty for doing some self-care and other things.

My season had just shifted greatly which meant my routine would change and that I needed to create a new rhythm and routine for myself. As I was still coming up with my new routine I would feel guilty for any time that I took and then I got Bitten by Guilt. The fear and expectations on me everyday was that I needed to equally give time to my husband and children and if I did not I would be judged. The crazy thing is that I let fear and guilt be my judge. The guilt started to blind me to the good that I was doing as a mother, as a wife and as a person.

Guilt is poison and will continue to grow and spread inside of us until we release it.  

So how do you Release the Guilt?
1# Speak Your Truth and Expose the Guilt. The reason that we have felt guilty at times is because we are not speaking our truth and we are just holding everything in.  When we share our Truth with a trusted friend, family member or advisor we will Expose the guilt that has been in our head.   For example:  I was feeling guilty because I couldn’t do as much because I was having server stomach pains.  (A side-note Guilt will and can make you sick, you must release it!!) Then with guilt feeling I felt like I did not want to be a burden to my family because I wasn’t doing as much.  I later shared my truth with my husband about how I was feeling and I expose the guilt.  Now exposing the guilt does always make it leave completely.  Which leads me to my second point, stop feeding the guilt.

2#.  STOP feeding the Guilt and Take Your Power Back.  You have to come against and speak against the negative thoughts that comes into your mind that tells you that you’re Guilty.  

You speak out who you truly are.  You might have a guilt thought that says you’re not doing enough and you need to speak out that you are doing the best that you can.  Then you speak out that you are Grateful for the Time and Energy that you have been given to live your best life. By the way don’t use guilt to motivate you to do more because feeling guilty is very unhealthy and you can not feed it enough. You also need to know that Guilt pairs well with Shame and will have you taking all the Blame, that’s why it’s so important for you to show yourself some Love and Acceptance.

3#. Show Yourself some Love and Accept Who You Are.  Don’t loose sight of Who You Are. Feeling Guilty can also come from a place of comparing ourselves to what other people are doing and allowing other people to define us.  Don’t allow others to define you.  I will say that again, don’t allow other people to define you.  Placing your identity in another person hands is very dangerous and foolish because if someone is not having a good day and they say something about you that is not true you will feel very hurt and bitten by guilt.  Then you will feel guilty for not being able to live up to there expectations of you and feeling like your not good enough.  The truth is that you are Good Enough, You Always Have Been.  You are Doing the Best that You Can.  I Celebrate You for that.  

So please release the guilt and Be Well!! I’m sending You my Love, Light and Prayers!!

P.S To watch my video where I’m talking about how I was feeling with guilt, go my Instagram page at then click on my most recent video post.

❤️Charmaine Moore

Face of Hope and Beauty 

Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

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