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Self-Care is Everything


A BIG question today is what is Self-care. As simple as it may seems many people don’t know what truly Self-care is and how to go about it. I was one of those people years ago that did not know what Self-care was and even now that I know, I still sometimes find myself neglecting part of my Self-care routine.

The Merriam-Webster definition of Self-care is care for oneself. Taking TIME to CARE for our Spirit, Soul and Body. It sounds so simple to just CARE for oneself, but Self-care is neglected by so many individuals not only in the United States but all over the World today.

Why you might ask? I can’t speak on all the different reasons as to why individuals are neglecting their Self-care, but I can speak on three reasons why from what I have seen and even experienced.

The first reason that Self-care is being neglected is that we are either to Busy or to Tired, that we don’t have the time or the energy for Self-care. At least that’s what we tell ourselves.

The second reason is that some how we have been programmed that Self-care is Selfish and that we should only CARE for others. Self-care is not being Selfish, that’s why we have so many Burnt-out People today for thinking that way. We as individuals and especially Mothers and Fathers need to have a plan to take TIME for Self-care. No, we don’t neglect our children or other responsibilities but we use wisdom and come up with a Plan for our Self-care routine.

The third reason is we don’t even know what Self-care really is or how to go about it. I used to think that Self-care was something that I do once or twice a year as a vacation. To take TIME for myself and especially as a Mother of six beautiful children was foreign to me. Now that I know what Self-care is and how vital and important it is, I make Time to Care for myself more than just twice a year now.

Time to Care for You!!!IMG_7944

I make TIME to Care for myself everyday. Do I miss my Self-care some days? Yes, and it sucks. Just a couple of weeks ago I did not even realize that I had neglected part of my Self-care routine because I was working on several projects that I truly Enjoyed. I then told myself that I was taking TIME for me because of the enjoyment that I had gotten out of my job. Getting enjoyment out of our jobs is wonderful, but it is not Self-care.

My definition of Self-Care is taking and making TIME to CARE for oneself to Better Spirit, Soul and Body everyday, to REST, to Relax, to Enjoy, to Celebrate, to Breathe, to Birth, to Recharge, to Refocus, to Build, to Listen, to Learn, to Grow, to Feel, to have Fun, to Unplug, to See, to Create and to Unwind so that we can continue to truly LIVE Balanced, Peaceful and Amazing Lives.IMG_0731

I use to say that I needed my Self-care so that I can continue to give out to others, but now I SEE that it’s not just about us being Recharged so that we can continue to give out again, but it’s about us LIVING balanced and Peaceful Lives.

Self-Care is Everything and so very vital to our Health and Wellbeing. If Self-care is neglected for long periods of time and sometimes short periods of time, it can open the door to Sickness and Disease in our bodies.

Our Lives Matter enough for us to take TIME to Care for us!! (Tweet)

Some Examples of Self-care Includes: Exercising, Resting, Stretching, Reading a Good Book, Taking a Walk, Praying, Mediating, Time with God, Dancing, Singing, Eating Healthy Foods, Drinking Water, Good Hygiene, Speaking Words of Affirmation, Taking a Self-helps Class, Going to an Empowering Event, Having a Wellness Checkup, Having a Day Out, Having a Day In, Doing something Fun(something that’s going to add to our Lives), Writing or Journaling and Doing something Relaxing.

If you have been neglecting your Self-care or you don’t have a Self-care routine please MAKE TIME for you today.
❤️ Charmaine Moore Face of Hope & Beauty

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