Choosing to Live

I Am Satisfied


Life happens only ONCE every 24 hours and in that 24 hours of Life, it encompass a series of decisions that we will make. Some of our decisions we may not be sure of and others we have absolutely no doubt about.  But with whatever decisions that we Choose to make in that 24 hour Timeframe, we need to be able to say that we are Satisfied with our decisions.

The word Satisfied means Pleased and Happy. It’s easy for us to be pleased with the decisions that we make that we are sure of and have no doubt about. But what about the decisions that we make in that day that we are unsure of? We believe that we are making the right decisions, but there is still some uncertainty. Can we truly say that we are still Satisfied?

The answer is YES!!

You see, to truly LIVE Life is not to be afraid of the uncertainty of our decisions, but to TRUST that we are truly Building our Lives to the BEST of our ability in that 24 hours that we are given.

I use to have such a hard time making decisions for myself and I have come such a long way. This pass weekend I did have a moment tho, with a decision that I had made that I was unsure of. I then went around asking people did I make the right decision because I was really unsure. By the way, asking people about my decision did not make me feel any better.

It wasn’t until, I took a moment and told myself that I am Choosing to be Satisfied with all my decisions. The decisions that I am sure of and the decisions that I am not sure of, I AM SATISFIED. I am pleased with me. I am pleased that I chose to be BRAVE and make decisions. I am pleased that I chose to Do LIFE and will continue to Do LIFE.  This is HUGE!!

I Am Satisfied!!

Please Please Be Encouraged and don’t be afraid to make decisions!!  Remember God is with You!!
❤️ Charmaine Moore Face of Hope & Beauty

Copyright 2017

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