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A Mom’s Wish


I was inspired to write these Beautiful words of encouragement in October of 2014. I then got to share A Mom’s Wish publicly at a Mops group (Mother’s of Preschoolers) that I was attending that year, with over 120 Women. Now, I would like to share these encouraging words with you.

A Mom’s Wish

I wish that I could go back in time and tell myself as a first time Mom all the Great and Wonderful things that I have learned over the passed 14 1/2 years of Motherhood. But I can’t go back in time, so my Wish is that you would hear me and be Blessed and Inspired by what I have to share.

These are the things that I would have told myself:

1. Play and Laugh with Your Kids More
Those dishes will get done. Playing and Laughing is good for your body and gets rid of stress. It also will help you to bond with your Children. Have fun playing.

2. Hug and Kiss Your Kids More
They Grow so Fast

3. Relax More
Problems do get solved

4. Celebrate Your Victories
You made Breakfast, You washed the Kids clothes, You cleaned the House…. each one of those are a Victory. See You are Victorious.

5. Keep Learning and Be Teachable
You can always learn something from the Good, Challenging and even Crazy times.

6. Don’t Beat Yourself Up
You are Valuable and Important, a work in progress.

7. Your Kids are Not Perfect
Be patient teaching them because they too are Valuable and Important, a work in progress as well.

8. Praise Your Kids 100 Times a Day
They need that validation and approval from you.

9. Don’t Compare Yourself to Other Moms
God chose you to be those kids Mom on purpose. You are doing an Amazing JOB and if you want to step up your game, LEARN from other Moms but don’t compare.

10. Love and Embrace Every Moment with Your Kids
Those moments are your little Gifts to keep. Treasure those moments.

11. Discipline in LOVE
Let kindness be your RULE when you correct your Children. You don’t have to yell or be afraid that your kids may never learn. They will catch on eventually and obey sometimes. Remember their a work in progress.

12. Don’t Be Afraid to ASK for Help
Yes, I know that you’re Superwoman, but even Superwoman knows how to ASK for help.

13. You Have the Opportunity (Favorable Time) to Train and Teach Great Future Leaders.
Lead by Example. Your Kids are watching everything and learning from you. Lead with Kindness, Lead with Love, Lead with Discipline, Lead with Diligence, Lead with Respect, Lead with Integrity and ect.

14. Take TIME for Yourself
I did not just say a cuss word. You need to recharge so you can continue to give out. Recharge in the Word of God, Recharge having a date night with your husband, Recharge hanging out with a friend, Recharge doing something just for You. If you don’t know how to do this ASK a Mom who knows how to take time for herself.

15. You Are a Great Mom
It is as Simple as that. You Rock!!


This is a Picture of my Original Article that my beautiful sister Ericka designed for me in 2014.IMG_9266

❤️ Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope & Beauty

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