Choosing to Love

Don’t Shrink Yourself

Be Confidently and Unapologetically Who You Are, SHINE Your Beautiful and Radiant Light.

Whenever we shrink ourselves to try to fit in, try to get people to accept us and we don’t allow ourselves to SHINE our light, we are giving our confidence away.  Then we walk around feeling powerless and not confident because we have just given a part of ourselves away.  I have done this many times knowingly and unknowing.

I took my confidence back by reminding myself of “WHO I AM”.  Then I got out of that shitty box (figuratively speaking) that I had allowed myself to get in and STOOD UP to SHINE my Radiant Light. 

The KEY is to Create some Healthy Boundaries within yourself regarding allowing Yourself to SHINE and Be Truly Who You Are regardless of what others may or may not think of you.  Also be very mindful of what and who you are giving your time and energy to that makes you feel less confident and makes you want to shrink yourself.  Then you create some healthy boundaries with who or what you allow into your world.


Don’t shrink Yourself to try to fit into someone else’s box 📦

With Love and Light,

❤️Charmaine Moore

Face of Hope and Beauty

Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

Copyright 2021 Face of Hope and Beauty

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