Choosing to Love

Write or Rewrite Your Story

Where do I start?  I will start with the PG version, Marriage is truly what you and your spouse make it and you can Write or Rewrite your Marriage Story.

Our story didn’t start out so great.  Actually after our beautiful wedding our marriage turned into an nightmare.  Then over the years we have learned to write our Beautiful Marriage Story, Face the Mess, Let Go of the Past, Embrace our Healing, Create our Glorious Present and Future Together.

It doesn’t matter how or where you start, it matters how you choose to Write or Rewrite your story.  This doesn’t just apply to marriage but to every area of your Life.

I share this picture as a Celebration of our Love and Marriage.  We celebrated our 21st Marriage Anniversary this Month.

That’s 21 Years Yall!!  How do you stay married to someone for over two decades? 

• Keep it Spicy aka Hot Sex

• Communicate and don’t assume

• Make Time and Still Date Each other

• Accept Each other’s Growth

• Be willing to Forgive and Let Go of the Past

• Have FUN and Laugh often

• Allow Each other Space to Heal and Grow

• Being Understanding

• RESPECTING Each other

• Being Grateful for your Marriage

Every marriage has its own ways that keeps it thriving and successful but I hope what I shared inspires you in some way.

Here’s to Many “Moore” Years of Love, Joy, Peace, Growth, Healing, Laughter, Understanding, Communication, Bliss, Opportunities, Health, Wealth and Adventures!!!  The Moore Family EST October 14, 2000.

❤️Charmaine Moore

Face of Hope and Beauty

Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

Copyright © 2021 Face of Hope and Beauty

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