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Sheer Bliss


Sheer Bliss

We’re Going to Miami!!!!!! Miami Beach!! Yay!!!! On Monday July 18, 2016 at 12:15pm my husband and I got on a plane to go to Miami Beach to experience Sheer Bliss.img_3974

This was my husband and I first time during the fifteen years of our marriage EVER taking a trip on a plane out of town together (long over due). With this trip being long over due, we knew in our hearts that it was just what we needed to deepen and take our marriage to a whole new level.

Our Sheer Bliss getaway was for three days and two nights at The Nautilus a Sixty Hotel in South Beach Miami. We wished we could have stayed there longer, but just having three days away and to ourselves was truly Heaven on Earth to us. The Nautilus Hotel was Superb and the view from our hotel room was just captivating.

I could have stared out of that window all day long.


We left our hotel room after we had unpacked and had some FUN (Fantastic Ultimate Nooky). A side note: I won’t  be sharing anymore about my husband and I FUN during this article, just know that we had lots of it.

We then went out to dinner and after dinner we went to watched the Sunset on the beach. Pure enjoyment as my Love and I walked along the beachside for hours watching the Sunset and staring into that beautiful turquoise blue ocean water.

Awwww, refreshing and just so surreal.img_3968

Once the sun went down it was time for my Love and I to experience the Night Life of South Beach Miami. We walked down Oceanfront drive listening to all the Loud but Exciting and Thrilling music playing as we walked by all the venues and restaurants.

Checking out my very Sexy Man.img_3977


The next day we decide to wake up early and watch our very first Sunrise together. Watching my very first Sunrise with my Love was Peace like I have never experienced before in my Life. It was like everything had stopped at that very moment, then God decided to paint this Beautiful Masterpiece right before my very eyes.

It was breathtaking!!img_3978

I had a rush of emotions to wanting to cry, to wanting to shout for Joy. But I did neither and I just stood there watching and taking God’s Glory and Peace into me. Truly Amazing!!!! I’m so happy to have experienced that with my Love.

After that beautiful moment it was time for us to just chill and relax. We laid out for a couple of hours on the Nautilus hotel resort pool area before we went for a swim.

Just picture perfect!!img_3972

We’re so HOT.img_3969

I felt like I was dreaming, that I literally kept closing then opening my eyes, to help me believe that everything that I was Seeing and Experiencing was ReaL.img_3971

Later that morning my Love and I had some brunch and did a little shopping.img_3973I just LOVE this Man!!!!!!!!!

img_3975Yes, I’m walking around with my wet bikini top underneath my dress. I brought dry bottoms to change into and forgot to bring a dry top. But it was all good because the Sun was HOT and it helped my dress to dry.

Being outside in the very HOT Sun we were now ready for some more swimming. We decided to go swimming in the Ocean for the very first time. Yay!!!!!  My Love wanted us to just run out into the water, but I had this picture in my head that I wanted us to take before we ran out into the water.

Here it is!! Get a good look at it because this picture right here was taken right before (We) my husband and I had a POWERFUL breakthrough in our marriage.img_3966

Okay, drum roll please!! The POWERFUL breakthrough that I’m speaking of started as an argument. What!!! Yes!!!! My husband and I both had expectations of what we wanted to experience in that Ocean scene that some how it wasn’t communicated clearly, causing an argument. Definitely not what we both had in mind swimming in the ocean for the first time.

The Awesome and Wonderful thing about getaways is that because we were so far away from Everyone and Everything any issues that we were hiding in our marriage ALL came to the LIGHT.

There is truly LIGHT at the end of the Tunnel, especially this One for me.img_3976

The picture above is a picture of a walkway Tunnel to the beach from our hotel. I took this picture on the way down from my hotel room, to meet my husband on the beach again. When my Love and I were arguing, I left and went back to our hotel room. I then called my husband to talk about what just happened and once we both were calm, we agreed to meet on the beach again to talk face to face.

Long story short: During our conversation after we Really got REAL with one another we discovered that for a long time we were Expecting each other to be Mind readers and meet each other needs by giving the other spouse what we needed and desired and hopefully we would get the same in return. My husband and I both were blindly unaware that we were even doing this to each other. A side note: Please don’t think for a moment that my husband and I weren’t ever meeting each other needs or desires in our marriage, we just Realized a HUGE area that we were missing it in.

Light Will Always Breakthrough!!

img_3980This was a HUGE and POWERFUL Breakthrough in our marriage because now that we KNOW what each other deepest Needs and Desires are, we have gone to a whole new level in our marriage. We were amazed at just how this whole breakthrough came about from that beach scene and we are so very grateful that it happened.

When my Love and I went to swim in the Ocean again for the second time around, it was so much Sweeter, Lighter, Greater, Beautiful, Lovely and truly Sheer Bliss to Us, minus accidentally tasting the nasty salt water.

For the rest of our trip we enjoyed working out together at our hotel gym, to going dancing, then the next day going for a morning walk/jog and lastly going shopping to buy souvenirs for our family and friends.  Our time in South Beach Miami will forever be in our hearts.

Thank you so very much for reading my article Sheer Bliss. Today October 14th marks my husband and I Sixteenth  Wedding Anniversary!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!! I decided to release my Sheer Bliss article today to Honor and CELEBRATE my Loving Marriage and to Empower other marriages to keep Rocking it Out being Married!! To the people that are thinking about getting married, please know that marriage is truly what you make it. You Can Choose to Have Sheer Bliss.

Please SHARE my Amazing article and leave a comment below. God bless You!!

❤️ Charmaine Moore Face of Hope & Beauty

Photo Credits:  Lyle & Charmaine Moore

All the pictures were taken with my husband and I cell phones, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and my Apple iPhone 6s.

Copyright 2016

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  1. Handling conflict in marriage with gentleness is a challenge for me. This article was helpful, even the pictures were helpful. It’s helping me to be mindful of how I approach challenging things . In the end, I don’t want to win with my spouse . I want “us” to win. Thank you Charmaine

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