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Love & Marriage

What can I say after Seventeen years of Marriage, is that Marriage is truly what you make it or Build it to Be.

IMG_2059We got married on October 14, 2000 and it was a Gorgeous Wedding Day.

My husband and I are still in Love with one another today. Correction:  My husband and I are more in Love with one another today then when we first got married Seventeen years ago.

Why? Because we Continue to Choose to Build our Marriage with, Fun, Sex, Having Hard Conversations, Flirting with one another, Being Present in the Moments, Date Nights & Days, Lots of Family Time with all Six of our Children, Hugs & Kisses, Still Making Out with Each other in Public, Being ReaL with one another, Forgiving each other, Supporting Each other, Being a Help to each other, Bringing out the Best in Each other, Trusting and Respecting one another, Accepting One another (this is a Big one because we have changed so much over the years and yet we still choose each other), Loving each other Unconditionally, Showing Grace to one another, Being Understanding (even when we don’t understand at the moment), Celebrating Each Other, Speaking Kind and Loving words to each other, Thinking Good Thoughts about one another and our Marriage and Creating Extra special moments in our Marriage.

What I just shared could be seen as a Recipe for a Great and Exceptional Marriage. Like I said Marriage is truly what you make it or build it to be. My husband and I Marriage Recipe did not happen over night, some things took us years to Create and Build. The Awesome thing about being Married is that you get to constantly add to your Marriage Recipe. That’s the Beauty of Marriage.

1905E98D029146F5B40C94196DDA772AMy marriage is not a Fairytale, my Marriage is ReaL, Raw, Beautiful and truly everything that my husband and I have made it to be.

Happy Heaven on Earth 17th Marriage Anniversary to my Love and I!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

I am overjoyed to See how much we have Built and how far we have come. I thank God for our Beautiful Union, Power of ONE and for many many many more years of Positive Building with Love, Excellent Health and an Abundance of Wealth.  Praise God!!!IMG_2040

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❤️ Charmaine Moore Face of Hope and Beauty

Copyright 2017

6 thoughts on “Love & Marriage”

  1. Happy Heaven on earth! You can feel the love, truth & transparency jumping off the page. Thank you for sharing your gift of marriage & the journey that got you here with all of us. What a joy!

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  2. What a wonderful story of love. Truly touching and inspiring. God continue to Bless you Both richly. May your love for one another continue to grow. Amazing testimony of how Love conquers all. I love how you did not talk about how perfect marriage is, because it is not, but when you put in the work…Marriage is definitely worth it. Blessings to you and your Beautiful family:)

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    1. Thank you so very much Nickie for your Kind and Sweet words.😘 I couldn’t speak of my marriage being perfect because it’s so far from perfect and that’s what makes it ReaL and Enjoyable. When my husband and I first got married we both wanted our marriage to be perfect and our marriage suffered greatly because of this mindset.
      I’m very grateful that we both no longer think that way anymore and we are FREE to build our marriage however we seem fit (Not Perfect).😃


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