Choosing to Thrive



This passed week I witnessed something so Beautiful and just down right Spectacular and that was so many people Cheering all over Chicago Illinois and on social media for the Chicago Cubs Winning The World Series.

This was beyond Beautiful!!!! I thought to myself the POWER and Beauty of someone Cheering and Celebrating for someone else WIN.

Their were people Cheering and Celebrating the Chicago Cubs winning The World Series and they don’t even watch or like baseball. Wow!!!!!!!  Talk about being on one accord, everyone choosing to Cheer and Celebrate another persons WIN instead of being jealous and envious of them. This is POWERFUL!!!!!! And this was even more POWERFUL because it wasn’t just one person WIN it was a whole Team.

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs for their Huge WIN, winning The World Series!! Yay!!!!!!!img_4744

Those words that I just said above not only Empowered the Chicago Cubs but they have also just Empowered me. Why you might ask? The more people understand the Wisdom and POWER from us Cheering for another person or persons WIN, the Better and more Beautiful this World would be.

“We create Beauty in this World when we choose to Cheer for one another. We create Decay in this World when we choose to be jealous and envious of each other’s Wins.”


Now let’s go Out and make this World more Beautiful.
❤️ Charmaine Moore Face of Hope & Beauty

Copyright 2016

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