Choosing to Live

The Day That Food Stopped Being My god


I will start off by saying my health is Valuable.  My life is Valuable and I am Irreplaceable.

Those were the words that I played over and over in my mind the day that I decided that food was no longer going to be my god. I understand that I live in a country where food is constantly being glorified and glamorized just about everywhere.  I also refuse to continue to be brainwashed from TV, to billboards, to magazines and even social media into worshipping food.

With that being said, I did not get ReaL with myself about FOOD being a god and an idol to me, until I started having stomach issues one day. I knew that I needed to stop eating certain kinds of foods (sweets, breads, dairy and ect) to heal my gut, but I did not care and I continued to eat them because they made me feel so good for a short moment. The high that I had gotten off these foods for years had made my body want to bow down and celebrate them, to the point of indulging in them even when I was not feeling well.

Then there are times that I would hide in my car, bedroom closet or at a restaurant all by myself to indulge in these foods.  It’s crazy because I was in so much denial about this before I got ReaL with me and I was very afraid, afraid is not the right word, I was terrified for a moment to lose my food god that had been there for me for many decades of my life. I knew that I would no longer run to food to make me feel happy, make me feel excited, make me feel loved, make me feel relaxed and make me feel wanted. I also knew that I could no longer run to food to be my best friend.

Just thinking about the bondage and power that I had given food over my Life made me shed a couple of tears that day. But I wanted my body to be healed and well and in no more pain, I wanted to no longer be a slave to food and be free and I wanted the true and living God so much more and to run to Him with all my heart.  So I made a CHOICE to take food off the throne as my god. Yay!!!!!! To my surprise, my decision was a whole lot easier when I PUT and KEEP before me what I really really want and need more.

This is just the beginning of my journey with no longer having food as my god and I will share more of what I am doing to keep food off the throne at a later time. Also I wasn’t going to share this with anyone until months after I had some progress, but I felt like I needed to share this with you now and to give you this exclusive insight into my life.

My heart is to always bring Hope and Freedom to myself and others and if that means that I need to be ReaL and share a part of my life that I’m walking through right now, then so be it. God has given me the power to choose Life or Death, Blessings or Cursing’s, but I CHOOSE Life that my descendants and I may truly LIVE. I hope that you will choose to truly LIVE and walk free in all areas of your Life today.  God Bless!!

Please SHARE this with your family and friends, they will truly be blessed.
Thank You!!

❤️Charmaine Moore Face of Hope & Beauty

Copyright 2016

3 thoughts on “The Day That Food Stopped Being My god”

  1. This is so real! And the idea that social media has taught us to worship food is so true! We should eat to live not live to eat! Lord sanctify my food desires!

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