Choosing to Thrive

Mindful Gratitude Challenge

Pick 3 things or areas of your life that you have taken for granted, then for the next 30 Days send Love and Gratitude to those areas or things. Maybe you have taken for granted, your home, your car, a relationship, a friendship, a family member, yourself, your job, your spouse or anyone or anything, pick your 3 then for the next 30 Days Be Intentional to send Love and Gratitude.

1.  Speak Out or Write down each day something that you are Grateful for regarding your three things or areas of your Life that you picked.

For Example: If you picked Your Home, A Relationship and Yourself then speak out or write down something that you are grateful for regarding Your Home, Your Relationship and Yourself.

2.  No Judging, Complaining or Comparing (Speaking or Thinking)

3. If you JCC (Judge, Complain or Compare) you will have to Speak Out Five additional things that you are Grateful for.

✨Bonus✨ To Show a person or something like your Home some form of Appreciation by doing an Act of Kindness towards that person or your home each day.

Challenge Starts NOW to November 30th, please Fee Free to jump in at anytime.

I’m Super Excited for all the Love, Blessings and Growth that will take place in Us from doing this Challenge.  EnJOY!!

Please SHARE this Mindful Gratitude Challenge with others and Post any Feedback on how this Challenge is going for You.

TYPE “I’m In” below if you’re joining this Challenge with me!! THANK YOU!!


❤️Charmaine Moore

Face of Hope and Beauty

Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

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