Choosing to Love

The Power of Desire

A Woman wants to not only feel Loved but Desired.  A Man wants to not only be Desired but Loved.

Pine Trees symbolizes wisdom, longevity, fertility, marital Happiness and Life.

I Desire and Love this Man and He Loves and Desires Me.  20 Years of Love of and Marriage, Mr. & Mrs. Moore established on October 14, 2000.  

Definition of Desire: Desired- to yearn or wish for, selected, crave, long for, to want and to need.

In a marriage it’s so important for a Married Couple to continue to Desire one another.  When spouses desire each other it keeps the passion and fire going in their Marriage.  But when a couple stop desiring one another, the Marriage will become stale and familiar.

There has been moments over the past 20 years of my marriage where it did become stale and familiar.  Instead of me putting forth the effort in my marriage to continue to desire my husband, I had assumed that my love for him would keep our passion going on its own.  

I believe a lot of married couples fall into this trap of assuming that their love for each other would keep their passion going.  I have learned over the years the secret to keeping that passion going and how to fall deeper in love with one another. That secret is The Power of Desire.


What brought me to this secret was when I would think back on the times when my husband and I were first dating and we were just boyfriend and girlfriend.  We both desired each other deeply, so much so we decided to get married.  Then somewhere down the line and in the mist of becoming familiar with one another, having multiple children (we have six kids) and life situations, that deep desire became far-off and weaken.  Don’t get me wrong my husband and I would still have great sex and conversation but our desire to yearn or even crave one another was also watered down by distractions.  

At times, I would feel like something was trying to pull him away from me.  I remember years ago expressing that to my husband. Then my husband telling me the same thing, that he felt like something was trying to pull me away from him.  Then there would be times that my husband and I would desire each other but we would be on different wavelengths, missing each other in the middle. I think the reason that this happened in my marriage as well as other marriages is because in life we are all facing different situations mentally, physically and emotionally.

I had a lot of things that I was facing mentally, physically and emotionally at the beginning and throughout the 20 years of my marriage.  So yes, there were many times where we missed each other to connect on a deeper level, but our desire for one another never faded away.  

Everyday we get to choose what we will desire most our marriage or the distractions. We both started working on removing the distractions that was weakening our marriage and chose on purpose to desire one another. My husband and I are told all the time that we look like newlyweds.  I believe that’s because we both got very creative and still are very creative to spicing up our Marriage and bringing that FIRE and DESIRE BABY!!

I have said this before so please hear me again “Marriage is truly what you make it”.

So please make your marriage a Desirable One and EnJOY it to the Fullest!!

Here’s to many “Moore” Years of Love, Passion, Desire, Peace, Joy, Understanding, Communication, Great SEX, Laughter, FUN, Friendship, in Partnership, Prosperity, Health, Wealth, God’s Protection, Healing, Support, Hope, Growth, Gratitude, Wisdom, Family, Life Time Adventures and a Phenomenal Marriage.

❤️Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty 
Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

If you are looking for an Amazing Speaker to Speak on Marriage please consider me Mrs. Charmaine Moore.  I have lots of Juice Tips and Things to Share.  I’m so looking forward to sharing. To book me or my husband Lyle and I together for a Speaking Engagement please click on my Menu Button and go to my Contact & Bookings page and send me a message. Thank You!!

P.S A very special THANKS to Darian the Beautiful photographer for capturing these Gorgeous, Captivating and FUN moments of my husband and I.  You can reach Darian by sending her an email at or on her Instagram page at @daarriiaann

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1 thought on “The Power of Desire”

  1. “Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you baby! “
    Happy 20th Mr & Mrs Moore! May you continue to burn with fire & desire

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