Choosing to Love

Free Yourself

Free Yourself and Just Be You. Stop wasting your energy fearing people’s judgement of you.  When in reality they are only seeing you through there own lens that consists of their Beliefs, their Emotions and their Life Experiences.  We can not control how others perceive us in their mind, we can only control how we react.


I have wasted soooooooo much Good Energy thinking and fearing people’s judgement of me in the past.  I am so done with that shit.

“I Am Me!!  I Accept who I Am.  I Accept who I Am without the judgement of others.”


When we FREE ourselves from thinking and fearing the judgement of others, we free up space in our Minds to allow more GOOD THINGS to flow into our Lives.

When Fear leave, LOVE Flows!!

Please feel free to share in the comment section below if you let that judgmental shit go as well.  Thank you for following Face of Hope and Beauty and being apart of this Beautiful, Powerful and Brilliant community of Women.

❤️Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty
Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

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2 thoughts on “Free Yourself”

  1. Life gives us many challenges but we must not accept what every voice spews. There’s a lot of ish that comes at us from the wrong places. There’s an old saying, let it go in one ear and out the other. That is how we must be, filtering the good from the bad. You are made in His image.


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