Choosing to Love


IMG_2426You feel down because you just compared your life to HER. You wonder why does she just have it so easy for HER to Live, when you had to fight to live and fight for your Best Life. When you had to Learn how to Build your Life because all that you knew before was how to tear it down.

Yes you were taught how to tear down your Life by the Verbal, Physical and Sexual abuse that was done to you, yet you have learned how to Build and Build Well You Do.

But then you see HER standing over there with that BIG Smile on HER face, just freely Smiling and you’re reminded what it took you just to SMILE. How it literally took you standing in your bathroom mirror practicing smiling when everything in you wanted to frown because of the pain that you felt inside. But you were determined to see your True SMILE, that you did not let the pain that you were feeling hide it anymore. You look at yourself in the mirror and let Your True Beautiful SMILE SHINE through.

As you watch HER walk passed you, you notice HER gorgeous body shape and you’re reminded that your Beautiful Body has been through Hell and back. Yes your Gorgeous body has been through a lot but the Growth, Wisdom and Beauty that has been birth out of your BODY, has moved Mountains, Created Peace, Saved Lives and has done more good than you could ever imagine.

Then you have a moment where you get to meet HER and you hear HER speak with such ease and with confidence that you’re reminded what it took you to Speak Up and to even have a Voice. How it took you months, weeks and days of reciting over and over again who you really are, just so that the Ugly Lies that you were told as a child, teen and even adult could no longer define you.  You discovered your POWERFUL Voice that God gave to You and no one can take it away.

As you continue to talk to HER you hear of HER Struggles, HER Pain and HER Victories. You realize that YOU and HER are one in the same. You both have faced many struggles and have come out Victorious. You both have faced the same Lies that wants you to compare yourselves to each other, so that you not only tear each other down but in reality Yourselves. You thank HER for Being HER and will no longer compare your Beautiful Smile, Body, Voice and Life to HER.

❤️ Charmaine Moore Face of Hope & Beauty

Copyright 2017


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