Choosing to Thrive

Expand and GROW

IMG_2912It’s so important to Expand and Grow in our Live.  My little plant will make a year old February of 2018 and it’s still in the same little pot that I purchased it in.  My little plant has grown some this year but not much because it doesn’t have any room to expand being confined to that little pot.

Oftentimes we wonder why do we need to go to the next level in our lives and why can’t we get just stay comfortable right in our little space.  The reason WHY is because we will never grow to our FULL and TRUE Potential in our little space.  Our lives will look much like my little plant with just a tiny bit of growth but never expanding and our roots never going deep.

I got this Awesome truth as I was standing in my kitchen washing my dishes, just thinking about all the BIG Steps that I am preparing to take for 2018.  I thought to myself, why do I have to take these steps and expand?  Why?  Then I looked at my little plant on my windowsill, that hasn’t had a chance to expand and truly grow to it’s Full Potential this year and I got my answer.

Don’t be afraid to Expand and Grow.  Every Year, Day, Hour and Minute of our Lives we have the Opportunity to Expand ourselves and Grow.  Do Something to invest in your Growth Today.

❤️ Charmaine Moore Face of Hope & Beauty

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