Choosing to Live

Refocus: You’re to Close


Last week I was so very frustrated over the turnout of a problem and situation of mine. It was not solved in the WAY I had thought it was going to be solved.  As I was reflecting on the mountain top aka hill that I was on, out of my disappointment I started to cry.

Then in my frustration I questioned God.

“God why did it not go the way I thought it was supposed to go? God what am I going to do? God please help me and please help me to SEE another WAY?”

With my last plead and question to God I got my answer and a very Strong and Peaceful word.

Refocus, you’re to Close.

You see when we are so caught up in our problems, situations and circumstances we are to CLOSE to them to SEE another way. Then fear creeps in and tells us that there is no other way. But there is ALWAYS a WAY!!!


After that wonderful word, I took a step back on that mountain top and I looked in every direction, as far as from the East to the West and the North to the South. I then noticed all the multiple routes and WAYS to get from one direction to the other.

Wow, I thought. I get it!!! When I was to close to my problem and situation, I felt like time was running out and I was just stuck on my problem being solved only one way.  Now that I have stepped back and Refocused, I can SEE everything and all the multiple routes and Ways. I also have so much Peace in KNOWING that there is Always a WAY.

Be Encouraged and don’t give up.  Please know that there is Always a Way.
❤️ Charmaine Moore Face of Hope & Beauty

Copyright 2017

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