Choosing to Love

What makes a Great Father

What makes a GREAT Father? A Man who is...... Strong and Brave, Kind and Loving, FUN and Playful, Always Learning and Growing, Protects and Provide, Wise and Humble, Hopeful and Creative.   ALL of these qualities I see in my Children’s Father.  He is a Great Father and a Great Man!!!  I am truly Grateful… Continue reading What makes a Great Father

Choosing to Thrive

Do Something GREAT

 My hard-drive was missing from the place where I left it, so in my attempt to find my precious hard-drive for work, I questioned all six of my children. I later found out that my son Alex had taken my hard-drive and was playing with it.  I asked my son Alex should I give him… Continue reading Do Something GREAT

Choosing to Love

How Do You Capture Greatness

How do you Capture Greatness and show it to World? How do you present such a Beautiful rare Treasure that has touched the lives of Millions and don't even know it? How do show her Beauty, her Light and her Love so that everyone can see her? Her Greatness is like no other and is… Continue reading How Do You Capture Greatness