Choosing to Love

How Do You Capture Greatness


How do you Capture Greatness and show it to World? How do you present such a Beautiful rare Treasure that has touched the lives of Millions and don’t even know it? How do show her Beauty, her Light and her Love so that everyone can see her?

Her Greatness is like no other and is truly off the charts. She doesn’t just standout, She stands Strong, she stands Tall holding others up, even though she’s only 5 foot 3 but in her mind she’s taller than the highest Mountain.

Her Beauty is displayed for all to see but not just her outward beauty but her inward beauty. She so graciously showcase her beauty with her numerous random acts of Kindness, to bringing love ones soup if they are sick, to giving many people one of her famous delicious Homemade Pound cakes or Pumpkin squares just because she was thinking about them, to caring for Love ones who are sick, to donating her Gorgeous Handmade Crochet baby items for preemie babies in the hospital and to making every Life that she has touched even more Beautiful.

Her Light is Brighter than the Sun. For her Light and Energy comes from God. Her Light has helped and given HOPE to others to Shine Bright and even Brighter, for she has faced many many oppositions, grief and sorrow being two of them. And She has looked at those oppositions straight in the face and said not today devil. Not today will those oppositions darkened her Light, not today will they steal her Peace and Joy and not today will they stop her Blessings. For she’s an Unstoppable Light that burns with an infinite flame. You don’t want to mess with her.

Lastly Her Love, Her Love is Pure, Deep and Powerful. She gives her Love freely and unconditionally bringing out the Best in You. You wonder how can someone love be so Pure, Deep and Powerful but as you take a closer look into her Beautiful Heart you will find a Great Treasure of Kindness, Goodness, Generosity, Fun, Thoughtfulness, Humor, Consideration, Friendliness, Gentleness, Compassion, Beauty, Affection, Warmth and of course LOVE.

So how do you capture Greatness? You Capture Greatness by speaking out who Greatness really is and the Great and Phenomenal woman that I am speaking of is my Mom. She is known as my Mother in-law but she has truly been a Mother to me for over seventeen years now. Her name is Mrs. Maria Charmaine Moore. It is not a coincidence that her middle name is my name for we were destined to connect. She was destined to make such a profound impact on my Life, so that I can truly Change the World.


So thank you Mom for touching my Life and the Millions of other Lives that you have touched. Thank you Mom for showing me and teaching me how to love and what ReaL Love is. And even though I only shared a glimpse of your Greatness in this article, it was truly an honor and a privilege. I Love You and I am forever grateful for you!!😘

❤️ Charmaine Moore Face of Hope and Beauty

Copyright 2017

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