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Do Something GREAT

 My hard-drive was missing from the place where I left it, so in my attempt to find my precious hard-drive for work, I questioned all six of my children. I later found out that my son Alex had taken my hard-drive and was playing with it.  I asked my son Alex should I give him a spanking for taking my hard-drive.


Alex said “No.”  I then ask Alex what should he do now that I got my hard-drive back.

Alex said “Don’t touch it again.”  I then asked Alex what should he do next.

Alex said “Don’t touch anything that’s not mine.”

Then I asked Alex what should he do next and Alex said something to me that was so profound.  Alex said “Do Something Great”.

Wow!!  I then asked Alex what does it means to do something great, Alex paused for a moment and then he told me to Apologize for taking my hard-drive.

Alex asked me what should he say.  I told Alex to just say what’s in his heart.

Alex said “Mom please forgive me for taking your hard-drive.”  I told Alex that I forgive him and I am very proud of him for Doing Something Great.


I just Love this boy. He just touched my heart in so many ways. The lessons that my son Alex has taught me through his intelligent brain has give me a whole new perspective on what it means to Do Something Great.

Do Something GREAT means
1. Doing the very thing that feels uncomfortable to do that you know is the right thing to do.

Like Apologizing to a love one, friend or colleague that you may have hurt.

2. Doing the very thing that you don’t want to do or feel like doing.

Like doing the dishes or exercising and so on.

3. Doing the very thing that you fear.

Like sharing with a friend or love one how you truly feel. It’s being ReaL and not holding back who you are because you’re afraid to be rejected, embarrassed or even hurt. It’s owning ALL your POWER and not giving it to the very things that you have feared but facing those fears and then eradicating them.


Do Something GREAT is my Family New motto and I thank my son Alex for teaching me what it truly means to Do Something Great. I hope that you were inspired to Do Something Great today.

❤️ Charmaine Moore Face of Hope & Beauty

Copyright 2018

1 thought on “Do Something GREAT”

  1. Every time I get one of your blogs in my email it’s always on the day, the hour & the very moment I needed it the most. God used you & this sweet boy to move me forward to Do Something Great!


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