Choosing to Love

Grace over Guilt

Grace over Guilt has been the message for me this week and I believe this message is for You as well.  We are not perfect.  It’s so important for us to choose to show ourselves some grace because if we don’t guilt is going to kick our a** and make us feel like sh*t.

I know for me if I’m in a guilt spiral, I will not see any good that I have done.  So today, I want you to See You.  See how AMAZING You are.  Show Yourself some Grace in all areas of your Life. Take a moment think about all the little things that you have done already this week.  If you like to write it down as a Bonus.

Remember the little things that you do matter because in long run the little things are truly the big things.  You are AMAZING.

Speak this Self-love Affirmation:
I choose to show myself Grace over Guilt.  I acknowledge that I am doing the Best that I can.  I choose to see all the good that I am doing for Myself, my __________, my___________, my___________ and as a human being. I am grateful for my Life.

Filling in the blanks. For Example: I would fill in the blanks with my Family, my Home and my Lifestyle Coaching Business.

Sending you Love, Light and Grace Vibes.

Love Charmaine Moore

Face of Hope and Beauty

Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

Copyright © 2022 Face of Hope and Beauty

1 thought on “Grace over Guilt”

  1. As always, Dearest Charmaine, you words are a comfort to my soul. May God continue to use you for the benefit of others – as yourself.

    Blessings and Love Always,
    Cousin Esther


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