Choosing to Live

So, this is 40

As the clock strikes up to midnight, I was both Excited and Terrified to turn 40.  Excited to enter a whole New Decade of my Life and Terrified of what that meant.

So, this is 40.

40 is still me in all my Glory, Beauty, Charm, Brilliance, Love, Light and Grace.

40 is still me no longer putting foods in my body that makes me feel like Sh*t.

40 is still me looking like I’m in my 20s but with the Wisdom and Life Experience of a 40-year-old Woman.

40 is still me NOT giving my Time and Energy to Anyone or Anything that will try to steal my Peace and Joy and doesn’t serve me.

40 is still me embracing my Growth and ready to Receive all the Love, Blessings and Lessons that each day holds for me.

40 is still me Speaking my Truth, Being Brave and Being Unapologetically Me.

40 is still me working out, speaking affirmations, journaling, flowing in my creativity, praying, listening to my gut, trusting the process, letting sh*t go, being kind to myself and others and living my life to the fullest.

So, this is 40.  I am truly Grateful to God for my Life, my Family, my Friends, my Acquaintance and for EVERYONE that my Life has Touched.

Happy 40th Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is your Year Charmaine!!

I Welcome in New Opportunities, New Blessings, New Ideas, New Vitality, New Friendships, New Connections and New Dreams into my Life.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the January Birthdays!!

❤️Charmaine Moore

Face of Hope and Beauty

Peace of Mind Coach | Model | Life Speaker

Copyright © 2022 Face of Hope and Beauty

7 thoughts on “So, this is 40”

  1. Happy birthday, Charmaine! It occurs to me that you can plug in any age and your affirmations would still be true! Inspirational, as usual. ❤️

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  2. You got it girl! We do get wiser and hopefully, more appreciated as the years fly by!
    I love that picture !🎉🥂💐
    You go girl❤️


  3. Happy Birthday Queen!! Your radiance finds the dark corners of life and make them warmer, brighter and better! You matter. I love you


  4. Happy New Year and blessings for a wonderful New solar return – number 40 is a new decade of continued peace and love.
    Cousin Esther

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